Ashia R. Sims

Award Winning Digital Strategist

Atlanta, GA

Ashia R. Sims

A Digital Strategy Consultant that specializes in Content Marketing with over 12 years of content creation, curation, management, distribution and analytics measurement experience, Ashia R. Sims is also an experienced keynote speaker and educator. She has spoken at the Women Go Mobile Conference and Power Plug PR Conference and has provided education services for the Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation, Girl Scouts of Atlanta, Cool Girls, the Atlanta Girls School and Georgia State University.

Lets Get Spunky! A Blast From the Past

"Let's Get Spunky!" is the retro-spoof debut comedy from the deranged minds at Seriously Distur6ed Studios, LLC, written and directed by Robert Glenn Plotner. Imagine falling asleep while watching TVLand and awakening in a world of classic era television where everything has been turned on its head, demented and smartly twisted as if Mayberry had been invaded by Monty Python or "Leave it to Beaver" had become entwined with "Family Guy." In the pilot episode, 8-year-old Spunky Wisenheimer joins the Army's Guinea Pig Corps and gets firsthand experience with above-ground nuclear testing. The fallout takes Spunky into a darkly comic landscape populated by escaped mutants, desperately lonely Army Nuke testers, strange appendages, a heroic lactating dwarf, and a G-Man with an unusual interest in taking Spunky under his wing. Classic television will wake up with a terrible hangover, jump in the shower, and try desperately to scrub all the dirty away - but it will never, never be the same.
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Stuff People Say to Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, people say the most interesting things to us in an effort to be "supportive". Here are a few of the most common things we hear.
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Ashia R. Sims

A lover of stories and words, Ashia R. Sims constantly had her nose in a book. She eventually began to create her own stories, sharing them with friends and family. Her love of writing led her to initially pursue a career in advertising but her desire to attend Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL, pointed her in another direction, public relations.

After receiving a BS in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations, she started working as a freelancer on various projects. During that time she stumbled across the field of television/film production after working as a producer on a television show that aired on a local public access channel. She loved it.

With a newfound interest in visual storytelling, she began to experiment with writing for the screen, helping to co-write a short film called Choices about a young woman choosing between two men. From there, she decided to delve into the world of blogging, creating a fashion blog called Clueless Fashionista where she provided tips and tricks to help women improve their image and style.

Upon discovering her new love of television/film production, she began to seek out opportunities to work in the field. Since then, she has lent her excitement and expertise to Randy and the Mob, American Idol Seasons 7 and 9, Brutha, Hell Date Season 2, Quarterlife Ben, Panama City and So You Think You Can Dance Season 9.

She has continued to do more writing both creatively and commercially before learning about the new field of digital strategy, which allowed her to combine her love of storytelling with her love of technology. She also tapped into her desire to support women by becoming an advocate for encouraging more diversity in the technology industry.

Now she is using her writing and digital expertise to help businesses make the most of the digital world as a Digital Strategist and the Founding Curator of Women Interactive Technology Festival, an organization designed to get more women involved in the technology industry.



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