Ashia R. Sims

Award Winning Digital Strategist

Atlanta, GA

Ashia R. Sims

A Digital Strategy Consultant that specializes in Social Media Marketing with over 12 years of writing, digital marketing and analytics measurement experience, Ashia R. Sims is also an experienced keynote speaker and educator. She has spoken at ProductCamp Atlanta and Power Plug PR Conference and has provided education services for the Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation, Girl Scouts of Atlanta, Cool Girls, the Atlanta Girls School and Georgia State University.

Tamora Monroe is a Fantastic Villain on ‘Teen Wolf’

So, I saw a teaser clip that showed the re-introduction of Ethan and Jackson to the series. I was super excited because I felt like Jackson’s story ended too quickly. But my excitement was quickly replaced by confusion because Ethan and Jackson are in a relationship. The last time we saw Jackson, he was figuring out how to detangle himself from Lydia.
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#BGNTV Takes Another Look at ‘Stranger Things’

We’ve ranted and raved about Stranger Things before, but it’s the new hit show we can’t stop talking about! Here’s a more straight up recap from one of our #BGNTV recappers for the few of you who are just jumping on the bandwagon. Read it now or come back to it before the inevitable season 2! The first episode of Stranger Things starts out like so many campy science fiction and horror movies.
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Are you planning a digital detox? Follow up with a digital refresh

We all have those friends we follow on social media who make this big announcement one day. I’m going to be leaving [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, etc] for a while to take a break from social media. I just need to take more time to [focus on myself, spend more time with family, finish my book, etc]. Blog Link to Story


Ashia R. Sims

Ashia R. Sims is a Social Media/Content Strategist by trade, storyteller and technology enthusiast by design. Her path to the field of digital strategy started when she landed at Florida A&M University to pursue her interest in the creative side of business. She found herself in the world of journalism and public relations. Upon graduation, she was able to transfer her public relations, project management and event planning skills over to the world of television and film production where she worked for over 10 years. She has worked on television projects for BET, Fox, Peachtree TV, Starz in Black and NBC as well as several feature film projects.

While following her passion for video production and content creation, Ashia continued to explore her love of writing and technology. Since 2003, she provided freelance commercial writing services, launched and maintained a style blog and co-wrote two scripted projects while learning about the world of internet marketing and how to share her passions online. During that time she’s also begun to share her knowledge and experience as a keynote speaker and educator for organizations like the Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation, Girl Scouts of Atlanta, Cool Girls, Power Plug PR Conference, Atlanta Girls School and Georgia State University.

She represents one of the early generations of kids to grow up sitting in front of a computer and enjoys tech talk about the newest smartphone, the coolest app, the latest in data analytics and other digital news.

Ashia resides in Atlanta, GA, loves attending festivals like Comic Con and Dragon Con and making time to read and write horror and science fiction stories.



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